County Committee

A committee of registered Democrats citizens governs the Democratic Party from the community level to the national level. County committees are the most local level of party governance in New York City.

What is the County Committee supposed to do?

  • Help create the Democratic party platform
  • Organize local neighborhoods
  • Choose local judicial candidates
  • Choose the Democratic Party’s nominees in special elections
  • This responsibility is particularly important because one third of our current New York state legislators were chosen in a special election!
  • And more!

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What has the County Committee actually done?

Up until recently? Show up once every two years and hand power over to the party boss.

Every two years, Democrats in each assembly district elect two district leaders: one male, one female.

These district leaders choose the party chair. Together they constitute the executive committee of the county committee. There are 21 assembly districts in Brooklyn, XX in Queens, XX in the Bronx, XX in Staten Island, and XX in Manhattan.

The district leaders form the executive committee in each county.


But there’s more!

A few city blocks make up the election district (or ED.) Each ED or election district has two to four seats in the general membership of the county committee; there are approximately 3,000 positions.

The vast number of these seats are unfilled undermining the goal of broad participation in county decision-making.

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