The process to run for County Committee is basically the same as other positions in New York State. Running for President of the United States or running for County Committee follow the exact same process.

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The first step is simply saying, "I am doing it." The process will not make much sence but everything is like that as to disuade people from running. We built this website to streamline the process to remove all the hoops from running.

The party, like any Non Profit Organisation or For Profit Corporation has bylaws. You can find the bylaws of the various Democratic Party County Committee here. Bronx County, Queens County, Kings County (Brooklyn), New York County (Manhattan), Richmond County (State Island) (We are working on getting the Bylaws from the other parties and has soon has we have them we will publish them.)

Register on the Rep My Block website

You have decided to run, congratulation!.
Before we start, we need to make sure that your voter registration with the board of election is correct. You will need that you are register in the electoral party.

If you are not registered to vote of you are not registered in a party, you can print a form or you can go to the DMV website and register.You can verify your registration automatically on the Rep My Block website.

Register on the Rep My Block website

This step is 36 days long and in 2020, it will start on February 25th, 2020. Rep My Block will supply a list of registered voter in your district.

Contrary to the presidential petitioning, won't need to stop random voter in the street but simply knock on your neiboors doors. The Rep My Block website has the walk sheet that is organized by streets.

Register on the Rep My Block website

Once you have collected the required numbers of signatures, you will need to bind the petitions according to the strengin rules of the New York State board of election.

Rep My Block is composed of hundred of volunteers that has done the process. If you have any questions, a volunteer will be able to answer you put them together. All you need to do is use the message board.

Register on the Rep My Block website

This is where you go to the board of Election to drop your petitions between March 30th, 2020 and April 2nd, 2020.

The Rep My Block is a community based system that use the power of the community. We will setup dropping points troughout the community and submit the petition for you. All you will need to do is to staple your petition together and drop them at a drop off location.

Register on the Rep My Block website

This is the exiting step where you actually run for County Committee and you remind your neiboors to vote for you on June 23rd, 2020.

On June 22nd you will need to put some flyers around your neiberhood to remind them to vote for you.

The Rep My Block ressources will have a few toolks to help you create a quick flyer to put around your block and will explain the rules from the Departement of Sanitation regarding those flyers.

Register on the Rep My Block website

Finally! You spend 27 hours completing the previous 6 step. It is now time to attend your first meeting!

Rep My Block will have conntected you with other County Committee members that hopefully share your vision and you will need to work together to get your ideas accross.

The business of the County Committe meeting is to elect the leadership of the County Party. As committee member you will be approached asking to support a candidate. This is the most important part because it will dictate how the party will behave during the following 2 years cycle.

This is where the drama takes place. You can see what to expect at the first meeting by checking out the flyer distributed at the last meeting in Manhattan.

Register on the Rep My Block website