What is the County Committee?

    County Committee memberships are elected party positions, which means that the members need to be registered Democrats to run.

    A county committee term is two years, and different counties have elections in different years.

    The county committees in NYC having an election in 2019 are Manhattan and Staten Island. Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx’s next county committee elections will happen in 2020.

Why is it important to get involved?

    With the rapid changes our society is going through, it is essential to our democracy that the citizenry have a greater voice in how our government operates.

    Major decisions are made behind closed doors, and meaningful reforms are all too often subverted.

    The county committee system originally was designed to give ordinary citizens a voice in how ourparty operates; however, the system today is in a sad state of dysfunction, with most of the power going to a handful of party insiders.

Can I run for my block?

    You don’t need to live in the election district to run for its county committee seat. You only need to live in the same assembly district.

    Over three quarters of the county committee seats in NY go unfilled, which means there is a strong chance you will run uncontested.

How do I run for County Committee?

    Step 1 — Check your eligibility

      County Committee members are party positions, which means the members need to be registered Democrats.

    Step 2 — Pick an Election District in which to Run

    Step 3 — Petition to Run in Petition Season

      First day for signing designating petitions for state/local offices. §6-134(4) — February 26, 2019

      Dates for filing designating petitions for state/local offices. §6-158(1) — April 1-April 4, 2019

      State Primary: June 25, 2019

    Step 4 — Submit Your Petition in the Submission Window

      There are only a few days in which petitions can be submitted to the Board of Elections. You need to postmark your submission or submit in person to your county BOE. You can find your county BOE board address here.

    Step 5 — Get Out the Vote

      There is a good chance your seat will be uncontested. As a result, your name will not even appear on the ballot, though you still will be elected to the county committee.

    Step 6 — Watch for the County Committee meeting

      The committees should meet within the first month after the election.

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