Where to file

Take your petitions to the Board of Election office at 32 Broadway, 7th floor downtown Manhattan.

The board of election office will be open from 9 to 5 from April 1st to April 4th.
On April 4th, the Board of Elections will stay open until 11:59 pm

The Board of Elections employees will not answer any questions. Many candidates are surprised by the unhelpfulness of the employees but they are not allowed to help. It’s a liability issue. The candidate is responsible to know what is needed and are supposed to hand them all the documents correctly.

All you need to hand out is your stapled petitions (two staples on top of the petition), and a cover sheet if you have more than ten (10) petition sheets.

These are the instructions to prepare the petition
These are the instructions to prepare the cover sheet

If you don’t hear from the Board of Elections within two days, your petition has been accepted.

Election Law ยง6215.7
1. Within two (2) business days, of the receipt of the petition, the board shall review the petition to determine whether the petition complies with the requirements set by the Board of Elections. TheCommissioners will notify the candidate by overnight mail or fax of the errors that need to be addressed.
2. The candidate will have three (3) business days from the date of the determination to cure the violation.
3. Cover sheet deficiencies may be corrected by the filing of an amended cover sheet. The
Board of Elections must receive such cure or correction no later than the third (3rd) business day following such determination.

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