Prepare to file your petition to the Board of Elections

Step #1: On each petition form, count the numbers of valid signatures and add them on the Witness Statement.
Step #2: Staple your petitions on top of the petition and label each sheet in order.
Step #3: Date and sign each petition.

If your petition stack contains more than 10 petitions, you need to add a cover sheet to your petition.
Follow these instructions to prepare the cover sheet

The Board of Elections employees will not answer any questions. Many candidates are surprised by the unhelpfulness of the employees but they are not allowed to help. It’s a liability issue. The candidate is responsible to know what is needed and are supposed to hand them all the documents correctly.

Follow these instructions on the getting to the board of election.

The board of election office will be open from 9 to 5 from April 1th to April 4th. On April 4th, the Board of Elections will stay open until 11:59 pm.

Election Law 6215.1
1. If you have two or more sheets for your petition, the sheets must be numbered sequentially. (Failure to number petitions will invalidate the petition).
2. Petition sheets must be fastened together (i.e. stapled) or by any means, which it will hold the pages together in numerical order (NO PAPER CLIPS)

Election Law 6215.2
If you have 9 or more petition sheets, you must complete a cover sheet. The BOE has blank cover sheets available. Follow these instructions to prepare the cover sheet

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